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At Elevated Mental health and wellness center, we believe in providing care aimed at identifying the root cause of the patients mental health concerns and helping them to develop appropriate tools to aid in the management of their overall mental health. 

We provide comprehensive Mental health services such as:

  • Psychiatric evaluations

  • Individual Psychotherapy

  • Patient centered and individualized treatment plans

  • Medication management for mental health disorders

  • Regularly scheduled follow up appointments to monitor and assess efficacy of treatment overall mental status of the patient.

Patient Services

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At Elevated Mental Health and Wellness center, we believe in providing care that focuses on treatment of the mind and body as a whole. 

Our goal and mission as mental health providers is to deliver care that is patient centered and allows for long term improvement of our patient’s mental health concerns.


We place great value on the quality and delivery of our care. This includes providing each patient with the education and knowledge they need to make sound decisions in their care.


Here at Elevated Mental Health and Wellness center patients can expect that at the end of each visit their needs will be heard and they will leave with the tools they need to continue to manage their care outside of the office, because we believe medication is just one of the many tools needed to effectively manage mental health.

Areas of Expertise

Areas Of


  • Anxiety & Panic Disorders

  • Psychotic Disorders

  • Post Partum Depression & Anxiety

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